12-15 slide digital present… for new ECSE professionals to assist


 12-15 slide digital present… for new ECSE professionals to assist them in the process of gathering and analyzing assessment data.

Discuss the following in your present…:

  • The importance of collaboration between families and school personnel in obtaining and analyzing accurate assessment data.
  • How to develop partnerships with families and professional colleagues to support assessment practices, engage learners, and build effective learning environments.
  • Technology and other assessment tools and approaches that could be used to observe, document, and collect data and how that will inform practice and decision-making.
  • Responsible assessment practices that promote positive outcomes for students, including multiple and varied formative and summative assessments. Provide at least one example of the use of assistive technology in assessment.

Include a title slide, a reference slide, and speaker notes within your presentation.

Support with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

APA style, solid academic writing, and documentation of sources 

 seitz.pdf (naeyc.org) 

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