A Letter to the Course Coordinator

Dear Writer, write a letter to course coordinator for early intervention or for a call for course revamp. The following are my thoughts for you to have an idea. While my anger shows herein, provide a professional and polite letter Purpose: to respect and address the learners’ needs and course should be revamped as personalized or delivered differently Experiential Course Name: Clinical Patient Care as part of the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Experiential Course Offered to: Last year pharmacy students (5th year) Practice Site: XYZ (tertiary teaching hospital) where the colleagues and I are assigned from university ABC. The biggest problem in this hospital is miscommunication and incompetent students from another university DEF which is affiliated with XYZ. The problem is not with the physicians themselves. All is disorganized and fragmented and that’s why there is lot of medication errors happening. Experiential Course Design and Requirements: 4 days per week from Monday till Thursday and 8 hours per day from 8am till 4pm. Each pharmacy student should prepare 2 SOAP cases analysis per week and 5 cases monitoring per week. The purpose is to follow PPCP model and subjective objective assessment plan which we all know by heart by now.  no need for repetition. For case analysis, we should write a “detailed in-depth” SOAP note for each problem or comorbidity that patient have. For instance, patient is taking at least 10 medications and we need to type in advance about each disease and pharmacotherapy plan just to recite it with our preceptor the next day for at least 2 to 4 hours. What’s the benefit of reciting? This is pure suffering for us and waste of time. This is so unreal. Moreover, the medication records are not clear. In short, the activities to be done in this course should be practice-site specific. What’s good about this hospital XYZ is that we have very interesting cases (rare and weird diseases) so I expect to have unusual cases – topics we didn’t cover in pharmacy curriculum. In reality, our typical day: 8 till 9: pick up a patient case from the department we are rotating at 9 – 10: try to understand the case because everything is new to us and we did not retain what we learnt It’s hard to refresh our memory moreover, the patient profiles are in French. We know English terms, and we are having hard times to translate patient’s progress notes, resident’s notes to understand the case all is vague 10 – 11 copy by handwriting or by typing for data collection for case analysis 11: rounds start with the chief.  But unfortunately, our preceptor comes over and call us to recite to her the case we picked and what we did for analysis and what should be our theoretical therapeutic plan. She sits around 4 hours daily so we skip rounds and lunch break because of her. This is very worrisome to us and uncomfortable while she asks us to pick another case for tomorrow. 3:00: we go back to floor to collect another case 4:00: leave home while we would have missed observing every crucial things happened on the floor 5:00: reach back home, relax, eat 6:00: take a shower

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