As I noted in my lecture, there are 7 elements


As I noted in my lecture, there are 7 elements that make a civilization. When did these elements first come together to make a civilization and which of the 7 do you think is most essential for civilization and why?

Directions for Answering the Question: 

  • Using information from the lecture,
    1. Identify the 7 elements needed to form a civilization.
      • Do not simply list the elements using bullet points. Make sure to write this using complete sentences. 
    2. Identify the year or age those 7 elements came together to form the first civilizations. 
    3. Identify one of the 7 elements that you think is most essential to civilization.
      • You must choose one element (all or none are not options), but only choose one.
    4. Fully explain why the element you chose is most essential. 
    5. Use at least 2 specific pieces of information and/or examples from the lecture to support your explanation.

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