BUSMGT 712 Principle of Business Analytics

You are an analyst working for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Ms. Smith, your manager, has tasked you with learning more about the performance of New Zealand’s food exports and providing her with a report. To do so, she has provided you with a dataset. The dataset includes all records of New Zealand’s food exports from 1994 to 2012. Please work only with the data that has been provided and do not include additional variables in your analysis. The detailed data is available in an Excel file called “Trade Data.xlsx” which has been uploaded to ‘Course Important Information’ on Canvas. Managerial Report Ms. Smith would like you to analyse the data she has provided using descriptive methods of analysis. Your analysis should include descriptive statistics (such as mean, median, standard deviation, correlation, distribution, confidence interval, hypothesis testing etc.) as well as visualisations of the data. This analysis should form the basis for the insights you present about the performance of New Zealand’s food exports from 1994 to 2012 to Ms. Smith.

2 The report must not be longer than 1000 words (±10%, line spacing 1.5, font and size: Times New Roman 12). The word count includes tables but excludes the cover page (your executive summary should be on the cover page and should not exceed 150 words), and appendices. Please note that graphs and tables should only be used to add real value to the analysis, so they need to be selected carefully and referred to in your text. References are required where applicable (in-text references are included in the word limit, but the references list is excluded). You also need to submit the Excel file that you have been working on. The Excel file will not be marked and does not contribute to your grade, but we reserve the right to check if the information in the report corresponds to the information in the file.

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