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“Delivery Strategies” Please respond to the following:

Provide examples of three value-added support strategies geared toward helping a nursing home to implement a goal of providing a safe and caring environment for its residents.  Provide specific examples to support your rationale from the weekly reading in the textbook or from peer-reviewed journal articles.

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In order to help a nursing home implement a goal of providing a safe and caring environment for its residents, there are several value-added support strategies that can be implemented. These strategies aim to enhance the quality of care provided and ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. They can be derived from the weekly reading in the textbook or peer-reviewed journal articles, which provide evidence-based practices and recommendations for improving nursing home care.


1. Enhancing Staff Training and Education: One important value-added support strategy is to focus on improving the training and education of nursing home staff. By ensuring that the staff members are well-trained and knowledgeable about resident care, safety protocols, and infection control measures, a nursing home can create a safe and caring environment. Providing ongoing education and training opportunities can help staff stay updated on best practices and evidence-based guidelines. For example, the weekly reading may suggest providing training on fall prevention techniques or infection control measures, such as proper hand hygiene. Peer-reviewed journal articles can provide insights into effective educational programs that have been implemented in other nursing homes.

2. Implementing Quality Improvement Initiatives: Another value-added support strategy is to implement quality improvement initiatives within the nursing home. This involves regularly monitoring and evaluating the care provided and making improvements based on the findings. Quality improvement initiatives can focus on areas such as medication safety, resident satisfaction, or reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers. For example, the weekly reading may highlight the importance of regularly reviewing medication administration processes and using technology to minimize medication errors. Peer-reviewed journal articles can provide specific examples of successful quality improvement projects implemented in nursing homes.

3. Utilizing Technology and Innovation: The third value-added support strategy is to leverage technology and innovation to enhance resident safety and care. This can include implementing electronic health records, utilizing remote monitoring systems, or adopting assistive technologies. For instance, the weekly reading may discuss the benefits of electronic health records in reducing medication errors and improving communication among healthcare providers. Peer-reviewed journal articles may provide evidence on the effectiveness of using telemedicine or sensor-based technologies to monitor residents’ health status and detect early warning signs.

By implementing these value-added support strategies, nursing homes can create a safe and caring environment for their residents. These strategies focus on improving staff training, implementing quality improvement initiatives, and utilizing technology and innovation, all of which are essential in providing optimal care and ensuring resident safety. The evidence-based recommendations from textbooks and peer-reviewed journal articles further validate the effectiveness of these strategies.

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