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Your program has provided many opportunities for you to cultivate your competencies as a leader. Think about how your experiences contributed to and will continue to contribute to you becoming a more informed, reflective, and responsive leader. The Leadership Impact Paper provides an opportunity for you to assess and reflect on your leadership journey and the knowledge and skills you have developed to help you guide and provide direction to others.

For this submission, you will write a 4-page culminating paper reflecting on your personal and professional growth as a leader during your program journey and planning for continued leadership development. 

Step 1.
Download the Leadership Impact Plan Paper Links to an external site. template and review the headings and guiding text.

Step 2.
Write your paper in the template using the guiding questions below. Personalize your paper by providing examples of how you translated the knowledge and skills you gained in your coursework into practice and authentic leadership experiences and how you will continue to develop your leadership skills.


  • What leadership qualities are most important to you, and how have these qualities been enhanced by your graduate experience?


  • How have you grown as a leader during the course of your program journey?
  • Which leaders in your field or profession have influenced your transformation and why?


  • What are the implications and applications of your learning and leadership for your profession? Share examples!
  • How can you apply the leadership competencies you have gained or improved to make a difference in your personal and professional life and in the lives of others?

Ethical Perspectives

  • What is the nature of ethics in your profession?
  • When have you had to consider ethics in making decisions as a leader?

Looking Ahead

  • How will you continue to develop your leadership skills?
  • What professional goals do you have?


  • Provide your closing ideas related to growth.

Expert Solution Preview

In the medical field, leadership is of utmost importance for providing effective healthcare and guiding healthcare teams. As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, I have had numerous opportunities to cultivate my leadership competencies. Through lectures, examinations, and assignments, I have developed knowledge and skills that contribute to my growth as a leader. In this Leadership Impact Paper, I will reflect on my personal and professional growth as a leader during my program journey and outline my plans for continued leadership development.

The leadership qualities that are most important to me are empathy, communication, and adaptability. Throughout my graduate experience, these qualities have been enhanced through various interactive activities, discussions, and case studies. Engaging with fellow students and faculty members has allowed me to understand different perspectives and develop empathy towards others. Additionally, presenting lectures and conducting evaluations have improved my communication skills, enabling me to effectively convey information and provide feedback. Lastly, the constantly evolving healthcare field has taught me the importance of adaptability as a leader, as I have learned to embrace change and navigate through uncertainties.

During the course of my program journey, I have experienced significant growth as a leader. Being entrusted with the responsibility of designing and conducting lectures has enabled me to enhance my organizational and decision-making skills. By evaluating student performance and providing feedback, I have learned the importance of constructively guiding others and promoting their growth. Furthermore, witnessing the successes and challenges of medical professionals during their journey has broadened my leadership perspective and motivated me to continuously improve.

The implications and applications of my learning and leadership for the medical profession are immense. By translating the knowledge and skills gained through coursework into practice, I can inspire and guide future healthcare professionals. For example, I have integrated real-life case studies into assignments, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This application of learning enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing them for the challenges they may face in their profession.

Ethical Perspectives:
Ethics hold a significant role in the medical profession. As leaders, we must uphold ethical standards and ensure patient safety and welfare. Throughout my program journey, I have encountered several situations where I had to consider ethics in making decisions. For instance, when evaluating students’ performance, it is essential to maintain fairness and integrity while considering individual circumstances. Additionally, discussing ethical dilemmas and analyzing their implications has helped me develop a strong ethical framework to guide my decision-making as a leader.

Looking Ahead:
To continue developing my leadership skills, I plan to engage in ongoing professional development opportunities, such as attending leadership workshops and conferences. Additionally, I aim to take up leadership roles in medical organizations to further enhance my abilities as a leader. My professional goals include promoting collaborative teamwork within healthcare teams, advocating for patient-centered care, and contributing to research and innovation in the field of medicine.

Through my program journey, I have witnessed significant growth as a leader in the medical field. The knowledge and skills I have acquired have equipped me to guide and provide direction to others effectively. As I continue my leadership development, I am confident that I will make a positive impact on the lives of healthcare professionals and patients. Leadership in the medical profession is an ongoing journey, and I am committed to continually evolving and adapting to meet the dynamic challenges of healthcare.

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