Healthcare in the United States will always make news. Public

 Healthcare in the United States will always make news. Public opinion play an important role because representatives receive feedback on ideas that can impact their communities. If a majority of the public do not like a healthcare policy, most lawmakers will not bring up as a bill and it will be hard to pass both chambers of government. Americans support plans that lower costs, give them access to high quality of care, and give them control about their healthcare. People who have low socioeconomic status may have a stronger opinion about healthcare because the policies may affect them more than other people. According to consumers for Quality care, the single biggest issue for people is the cost-of-pocket costs are two high. People are dealing with inflation, why is making it harder to pay for healthcare when they have to but gas, groceries, household items, and other essential things. The public is making it known to lawmakers about the out-of-pocket expensive and it is up to them to bring some solutions forward to help the people. 
In the article I chose, nearly ninety percent of voters oppose taxing employer-provided healthcare. There were polls done that explain reasons that voters do not want tax for their employer. The main reason is because can raise taxes for million of Americans. “Policymakers must keep this overwhelming sentiment in mind as they consider health care reforms,” (Alliance to Fight Healthcare, 2022) People want lawmakers to improve the bill not make it more difficult for them to get healthcare from their employer. 

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