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Career Exploration   Assignment

This assignment   requires to review UMGC Career Services, including UMGC Career Quest, to see   how these services may be of value to you. You will visit the site (https://www.umgc.edu/current-students/career-services/careerquest.cfm)   and toolbox ( https://careerquest.umgc.edu/hub/umgc-careerquest/resources/career-tool-box).  NOTE:   If you wish, you can create an account on Career Quest to perform some job   searches related to our course.

Paper Layout

  • Section I – Career Goals. In this section, please        explain your academic & career goals. Explain how our course, ACCT        326 Accounting Information Systems, relates to your academic and career        goals. You may make references to your pursuit of certifications such as        the CPA, CMA, CIA, CISA (ISACA), CGAP (IIA) certifications, and/or        graduate programs (such as a Master’s degree or Doctoral of Business        Administration). This section should be two paragraphs long (one for        your academic goals and one for your career goals).
  • Section II – Review of UMGC Career Services. In this section, you will        document your experiences with our career services function. You should        speak about the services offered and the resources provided to students.        This discussion should be related to your career goals. This section        should be two paragraphs long (one for your academic goals and one for        your career goals).
  • Section III – Review the Accounting & Finance        Forum. (https://careerquest.umgc.edu/hub/umgc-careerquest/group/accounting-and-finance-community-hub/about/).        If you are not a member, you will need to join the group. Review this        group and provide your opinions regards the Resources & Events        section. Also, provide a set of recommendations to improve the site.        This section should be two paragraphs long (one for your opinions and        one for your feedback per this site).
  • Section IV – Review of Accounting-Related        Associations. Associations like AICPA, ISACA, ACFE, and others provide a wealth        of information for its members regarding internal controls, fraud        prevention, security, and accounting best practices. Membership fees for        these associations are relatively inexpensive considering the resources        that they provide. Select an organization/association from the        Course-Related Websites that interests you and explain how they can help        you with your career. Be sure to include specifics.   

Paper Guidelines

  • Page Length: Your response should not exceed two pages.        Each paragraph must be singled spacing with double-spacing between        paragraphs. No separate Cover Page or Title Page is needed;        however, you must include the title of your assignment as a heading on        the first page.
  • Headings: You will need to use headings (short, brief, and        centered) to separate each area of your paper. Your headings should have        an appropriate title, not something like Section III. 
  • Margins & Font Sizes: Use standard margins (minimum        .5″; maximum 1.5″) and standard font size (minimum 10 point;        maximum 12 point) in your paper.
  • Writing Style: APA7 is the preferred writing style. Please        consult the UMGC Effective Writing Center (http://www.umgc.edu/writingcenter/index.cfm) for        assistance regarding formatting your paper and references via APA7.

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