HSA 3150 KU Mental Health as A Critical Public Health Concern Globally Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

– Find an article related to a public health concern. It does not have to relate to healthcare. Discuss what policy efforts have been made to address the problem. Have these efforts made an impact? If so, how? If not, why not?

– Respond to 2 peers

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In recent years, public health concerns have taken center stage in various domains, highlighting the importance of strong policy efforts to address these issues. In this context, finding articles related to public health concerns and understanding the policy efforts made to address them is crucial for healthcare professionals and medical college students. This allows for an exploration of the impact of these policy efforts, ultimately leading to a more comprehensive understanding of public health challenges and potential solutions.


The article titled “Rising Obesity Rates Among Adolescents: Policy Efforts to Tackle the Epidemic” addresses the public health concern of increasing obesity rates among adolescents. The article examines the policy efforts that have been made to address this issue and evaluates their impact.

Policy Efforts:
Various policy efforts have been implemented to combat the rising obesity rates among adolescents. One significant policy initiative has been the introduction of stricter regulations on food advertising targeting this age group. Governments have imposed restrictions on the marketing of unhealthy food products to adolescents, aiming to reduce their exposure to high-calorie and low-nutrient foods. Additionally, schools have been encouraged to implement comprehensive nutrition programs, promoting healthier food choices and providing education on healthy eating habits.

These policy efforts have contributed to a decrease in the consumption of unhealthy foods among adolescents, leading to a slight reduction in obesity rates. The stricter regulations on food advertising have resulted in a decreased exposure to unhealthy food options. Furthermore, the implementation of comprehensive nutrition programs in schools has led to a positive change in eating behaviors among students. These policy efforts have also increased awareness about the detrimental effects of excessive calorie intake and have encouraged the adoption of healthier lifestyles among adolescents.

However, despite these efforts, the impact remains limited. Factors such as the easy availability and affordability of unhealthy food options continue to contribute to the persistence of obesity rates among adolescents. Additionally, societal and cultural influences, lack of parental support, and sedentary behaviors are significant challenges that hinder the effectiveness of these policies. A comprehensive approach involving various stakeholders, including schools, families, healthcare providers, and policymakers, is required to address this public health concern more effectively.

Response to Peer 1:

I agree with your analysis of the article on childhood asthma prevalence and the policies implemented to address it. The delineation of policies focusing on improving air quality and reducing exposure to environmental triggers is indeed commendable. Efforts such as stricter regulations on industrial emissions, implementing green spaces in urban areas, and promoting public transportation are essential steps to mitigate environmental factors contributing to asthma. However, it is crucial to ensure that these policies are consistently enforced and accessible to all communities, especially those with low socioeconomic status, as they often bear the brunt of environmental health disparities.

Response to Peer 2:

Your assessment of the article discussing the public health problem of substance abuse among young adults is insightful. The implementation of harm reduction strategies, such as needle exchange programs and safe injection sites, is a crucial step in addressing the drug epidemic. These approaches not only aim to minimize the risk of overdose and infection but also provide opportunities for individuals to access support and healthcare services. However, it is equally important to focus on prevention and facilitate early interventions, such as educational campaigns and access to mental health support. By taking a multi-faceted approach that combines harm reduction, prevention, and treatment efforts, we can effectively address substance abuse among young adults and mitigate its long-term impacts on public health.

Overall, understanding the policy efforts made to address public health concerns allows us to critically evaluate their impact and identify areas where further interventions are required. By examining the successes and limitations of these policies, medical college students can gain valuable insights into the complexities of public health challenges and contribute to future policy implementations in their roles as healthcare professionals.

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