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1. Comprehensive review of nursing issue using scholarly evidence. Clearly evident from the description what the issue is and provides compelling reasons to why a change initiative is important to create/implement.

The nursing practice issue that our group will focus on is new graduate bullying in the nursing profession.

2. Change Initiative: Description of the change initiative strategy/strategies (based on the evidence and application of leadership knowledge), social media strategy (include site URL) and outcomes.

Our change initiative will be encouraging new graduates to share their stories through a pen-pal web-page + creating Instagram posts to help others with coping strategies, informative facts as well as pictures of nurses holding a #nursesprotectingtheiryoung.

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The nursing practice issue that our group will focus on is new graduate bullying in the nursing profession. Bullying among new graduate nurses is a significant problem that can have detrimental effects on their professional development and overall well-being. In order to address this issue, our change initiative involves implementing strategies that promote support, empowerment, and the sharing of experiences among new graduates.

1. Comprehensive review of nursing issue using scholarly evidence:

New graduate bullying in the nursing profession is a prevalent issue that has been extensively studied and documented. Research studies have shown that bullying among new nurses can lead to job dissatisfaction, decreased self-esteem, increased burnout, and even intentions to leave the profession (McMahon, 2016). The impact of bullying on new graduates extends beyond individual consequences and can also affect patient care quality and safety, as well as the overall nursing workforce.

To create awareness and understanding of this issue, our comprehensive review will analyze the scholarly evidence available on new graduate bullying in nursing. This review will include a critical analysis of the causes and consequences of bullying, the different forms it can take, and the factors that contribute to its persistence. We will also explore existing interventions and strategies that have been implemented to address this issue, highlighting their effectiveness and limitations.

By providing a comprehensive review of the nursing issue based on scholarly evidence, we aim to create a strong foundation for understanding why a change initiative is important to address new graduate bullying in the nursing profession.

2. Change Initiative:

Our change initiative focuses on creating a supportive and empowering environment for new graduates through the use of technology and social media platforms. The change initiative strategy involves two main components: a pen-pal web-page and Instagram posts.

The pen-pal web-page will serve as a platform for new graduates to share their stories and experiences related to bullying. By creating an online space where new nurses can connect and communicate, we aim to foster a sense of solidarity and support. The web-page will also provide resources and coping strategies for dealing with bullying, as well as opportunities for mentorship and guidance from experienced nurses. The URL for the pen-pal web-page will be [insert URL here].

In addition to the pen-pal web-page, we will also utilize Instagram to raise awareness and provide informational content on the topic of new graduate bullying. Through Instagram posts, we will share coping strategies, informative facts, and images of nurses holding a #nursesprotectingtheiryoung sign. This hashtag will serve as a symbol of unity and support, spreading the message that new graduates should be protected and nurtured within the nursing profession.

The outcomes of our change initiative will be evaluated through various metrics. We will track engagement and participation rates on the pen-pal web-page, such as the number of stories shared, comments received, and connections made between new graduates. We will also monitor the reach and impact of our Instagram posts, analyzing the number of likes, comments, and shares, as well as the overall growth of followers. Additionally, we will conduct surveys and interviews with participating new graduates to assess their perceptions of the change initiative and its effectiveness in addressing the issue of new graduate bullying.

By implementing these strategies, we aim to create a positive and supportive environment for new graduate nurses, empowering them to overcome bullying and thrive in their professional journeys. Through the use of technology and social media, we believe we can create a lasting change that promotes the well-being and success of new nurses in the nursing profession.

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