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You have the management background and knowledge to start a business to provide health care in the patient’s home

You must decide how your company will be structured and how your management process will be organized. So, to do that you must decide the functions of the people who will be working for you. What kinds of supervisory roles each person has (if any) and to whom they will report etc. It is up to you to decide what skills sets and staffing that you will need. Consider all to the activities that will be needed to accomplish your mission, goals, and objectives. You will need to consider multiple factors such as the geographic area that you will serve, what level of services will you provide, what is the populations that you will serve etc. Consider any factor that will impact on the number and type of staff. This is your creative work! Remember the organizational chart must match the function of the organization.

You will be getting the start-up loan from the bank. The bank wants a detailed explanation and justification for your organizational chart. In the document, provide the following:

Your organizational chart

A detailed rationale, in PARAGRAPH FORMAT, for EVERY position on your organizational chart. In other words, why do you need those positions? For example, if you put a respiratory therapist in your organization chart, what services are you going to provide that would require this position or why do you need that specific person and what are the qualifications and credentials in that position (e.g. education, license, etc)

A detailed rationale, PARAGRAPH FORMAT, for the location of EVERY position within the organizational chart. In other words, why would each position report to whomever they report and why would they have someone reporting to them or why do you have supervisory chain of command arranged in the way that you have chosen in your organizational chart.

You must not just describe the number and functions of your staff but justify why they are needed in your organization. Remember that you are just starting the business so you may not need many different positions. It is up to you to decide AND PROVIDE JUSTIFICATION for each of the positions.

Remember you are just starting the business and are asking for a Start up Business loan. 

Create the organizational chart for your company by using. 

  1. Word or Powerpoint.  
  2. In word, open a new document, click insert, smartArt, and Hierarchy.

In Powerpoint, open new document, click insert, smartArt, and then click on Hierarchy.

You can choose any one of the various types of organizational charts that is most appropriate for your organization.

  1. Remember to follow the theories of good management (e.g. division of work, span of control, unity of command) when you are developing your organization chart. 

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As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and answers for medical college students, my expertise lies in the field of healthcare management and administration. In this scenario, I have been tasked with designing and organizing a home healthcare company, considering factors such as organizational structure, staffing, and management processes. The aim is to create an efficient and effective healthcare service that can be delivered to patients in the comfort of their own homes. In order to secure a start-up loan from the bank, a detailed explanation and justification for the organizational chart must be provided, including the rationale for each position and its location within the organizational structure.


Organizational Chart:

The organizational chart of our home healthcare company will consist of the following hierarchical structure:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
2. Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
3. Director of Operations
4. Director of Nursing
5. Clinical Supervisor
6. Registered Nurses (RNs)
7. Respiratory Therapists
8. Physical Therapists
9. Occupational Therapists
10. Home Health Aides
11. Administrative Assistants

Rationale for Every Position:

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
The CEO is responsible for overall strategic planning, financial management, and business development. This position ensures the company’s growth, profitability, and compliance with regulations.

2. Chief Medical Officer (CMO):
The CMO oversees medical operations, including clinical protocols, quality assurance, and physician engagement. This position ensures the delivery of high-quality healthcare services to patients.

3. Director of Operations:
The Director of Operations manages day-to-day operations, including scheduling, logistics, and resource allocation. This position ensures smooth functioning of the organization and efficient utilization of resources.

4. Director of Nursing:
The Director of Nursing oversees nursing staff, ensures adherence to nursing standards, and implements policies and procedures. This position assures the provision of safe and quality nursing care to patients.

5. Clinical Supervisor:
The Clinical Supervisor supervises and supports the clinical staff, assists with care planning, and conducts staff evaluations. This position provides guidance and ensures the delivery of effective and evidence-based care.

6. Registered Nurses (RNs):
RNs provide direct patient care, including assessments, treatments, and medication administration. They follow care plans, educate patients and families, and play a crucial role in monitoring patient progress and coordinating care with other healthcare professionals.

7. Respiratory Therapists:
Respiratory therapists perform assessments, diagnostic tests, and provide treatments related to respiratory conditions. They assist patients with breathing exercises, administer respiratory medications, and ensure proper management of respiratory equipment.

8. Physical Therapists:
Physical therapists help patients regain mobility and improve physical function through exercises, modalities, and assistive devices. They work to improve strength, balance, and coordination, allowing patients to regain independence.

9. Occupational Therapists:
Occupational therapists focus on enhancing patients’ independence in daily activities. They assess and treat patients’ ability to carry out activities such as bathing, dressing, and cooking. Additionally, they recommend modifications to the home environment to ensure safety and accessibility.

10. Home Health Aides:
Home health aides provide personal care, assistance with activities of daily living, and companionship to patients. They support patients with tasks such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and light household chores.

11. Administrative Assistants:
Administrative assistants provide administrative and clerical support to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. They handle scheduling, billing, and maintain patient records. They also assist in coordinating communication between staff, patients, and other stakeholders.

Rationale for Location within the Organizational Chart:

The reporting structure within the organizational chart is designed to ensure efficient communication, supervision, and coordination of activities. Each position reports to the immediate superior or manager who possesses the expertise and authority to oversee their respective functions. This hierarchical arrangement allows for effective decision-making, accountability, and ensures clear lines of authority and responsibility.

For example:

– The Director of Operations reports to the CEO, as they need to align their strategic plans with the overall goals of the organization.
– The Director of Nursing reports to the CMO, as they closely collaborate to implement and monitor clinical protocols and ensure the highest quality of care.
– The Clinical Supervisor reports to the Director of Nursing, as they guide and evaluate the clinical staff’s performance, ensuring adherence to standards and protocols.
– The RNs, therapists, and home health aides report to their respective supervisors, who possess the necessary clinical expertise to support and direct their activities.

This structure promotes effective supervision, collaboration, and efficient utilization of resources, ultimately leading to the successful delivery of healthcare services in the patient’s home.


The above organizational chart and accompanying rationale provide a comprehensive framework for establishing a home healthcare company. Each position is justified based on the specific services needed, qualifications required, and reporting relationships necessary for effective management. This structure ensures coordination, efficiency, and high-quality care, which is crucial for obtaining a start-up loan from the bank.

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