Numeracy Learning and teaching: Principles of effective numeracy

Part A Principles of effective numeracy learning and teaching (1200words)

This section demonstrates your understanding of the principles of effective numeracy learning and teaching, and how you draw on these principles in your planning. Select a session from your Teaching practice. The session must include one resource which you have created or adapted yourself. The plans and materials for the session should be accompanied by a 1200 word report. The report must be clearly related to activities shown on your session plan, and should demonstrate the numeracy learning principles and approaches which underpin the planning, delivery, assessment and evaluation of your session. In your report show clearly:

1. How learners’ initial and diagnostic assessment and other learning needs informs planning of numeracy learning and teaching which meets curriculum requirements and motivates learners.

2. How you select numeracy resources and equipment for suitability and impact, adapting and creating alternatives. 3. The verbal, written and visual strategies you use to improve numeracy learning in your session. 4. How you use collaborative learning to establish and maintain a supportive and challenging environment. 5. Examples of how you use learners’ mistakes in numeracy as opportunities for further learning. 6. How technology can be used to enhance learning. 7. Evaluation of your session based on learner outcomes, learner feedback and personal reflection. In your account you should demonstrate critical engagement with current theories and principles of effective practice, and reflectively evaluate their application to your own practice

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