Original topic from proposal: Workplace Mental Health and safety Crisis

Original topic from proposal: Workplace Mental Health and safety Crisis in Illinois.

Teacher’s feedback: attached below. 

The new topic or thesis topic: Barriers limiting access to mental health care for low income people.

*** I kinda started with this (see below) you don’t have to use this.

Like many other ideas, mental health care did not come to be overnight. The term Mental Health has a long root dating back to Mental illness in ancient greek and Rome. Many cultures throughout history have viewed mental illness as a taboo subject, believing that it is a sign of weakness or possession by evil spirits. Over the years, mental illnesses have been negatively stigmatized by society, which has led to increased discrimination of people with mental illness and the denial of their basic rights (Huffington Post). The history of mental health care in the united states connects to the perception of mental illness and hygiene which has influenced the political attitude of policymakers toward who is worthy of such care.

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