Part A. Problem Analysis (2) : Infographic

Part A. Problem Analysis (1):

Report Must be 3 Pages (without references), Single Spaced, 11 Point Arial Using evidence (e.g., epidemiological data, research studies and other reliable evidence) describe the environmental health problem. For example, who is affected, what is the magnitude of the problem, why is it a problem? Provide a summary of current (or previous) interventions that are being implemented to address this problem. Comment on areas for future directions to address this environmental health problem. Be sure to use reliable sources for your evidence. You can draw some of your data from official reports and databases, but make sure to also include scholarly sources to support your argument.

Part A. Problem Analysis (2)

: Infographic This 1 page infographic has to be based on Part A (1) Report. There are 4 examples (WHO, Toronto City, CDC, GAHP) of environmental health infographics uploaded along with this instruction. The style of this Infographic should be similar to those examples. You can use any fonts. 4 of 7 Grading Rubric for Part A (Report + Infographic/Fact Sheet)

1. Length of Report must be 3 Pages, Single Spaced, 11 Point Arial. Length of Infographic/Fact Sheet must be 1 Page. 2. A clear description of the environmental health problem including plausible reason why it is a health problem. Who is affected? (e.g., the target population, plus the geographic scope where you are focusing attention). 3. A thorough overview of the magnitude and extent of the problem. A clear understanding that this is a “real” environmental health problem and that efforts need to be directed at reducing the problem. 4. A concise and informative description of the current state of intervention work addressing this environmental health problem. 5. Areas where gaps exist are clearly outlined (e.g., where improvements can be made around addressing the problem). 6. Use of research evidence to support the problem. 7. Well referenced using APA 6th style manual. 

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