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Peer respones 100 words based on peers answer respond to the answer to keep the conversation going. . As a mother of four with a blended family, it is crucial that I keep close track of each of our family member’s happenings. I must keep a running ledger of sports, due dates, birthday parties, reading logs, parental time sharing, etc. An Excel spreadsheet could help me manage the various activities and important dates and times. My typical organization tactics included random sheets of paper, sticky notes, and a wall calendar. I am not certain how I would organize my spreadsheet being that I am unfamiliar with the program. I would assume I would use the rows for the specific activities with the columns being for the details of each activity (date, location, time, contact person for each event.) I have not used Excel much before this point, but I am excited to see how it could positively impact our daily life. 

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