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Interviewing requires active listening, taking cues from the client, using open-ended questions, and so forth. Therefore, the process recording should not originate from an intake form that may be overly scripted.

You may not record the interview used for the process recording; therefore, pre-arrange time immediately after the interview to complete the form while the interview is fresh.

In advance, discuss this assignment with your field instructor to determine requirements for consent, if needed, and information to include in your introduction if a prior relationship with the client does not exist.

The field instructor is a silent observer during the process recording interview. The purpose of their presence is to be able to provide constructive feedback to you based on their direct observation and to take notes that can be recorded in the “Field Instructor’s Comments” column. Therefore, before the interview, develop a repertoire of statements (1) for informing the client of this prior to initiation of the interview and (2) for having a statement ready to redirect a client back to you if the client tries to engage the field instructor during the process recording interview.

Prior to the interview, allow time to review the following which will better prepare you for the interview:

Franks, Cheryl (2009). Handbook for Student Social Work Recording. Columbia University School of Social Work

Process Recording Handbook. Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

Garthwait Table 7.1 Effective Interpersonal Communication

Students often confuse the two columns entitled “Your Reactions” and “Your Assessment.” Reviewing these handbooks and the examples before your process recording will clarify how what you record is connected and meaningful to your learning. These are guides only so refrain from mimicking content in the handbooks to your own process recording.


The process recording includes the following components/sections:

Orienting Information – Information that is relevant to understanding the context of the interview, e.g. age, ethnicity.

Verbatim Dialogue – The dialogue (verbal and nonverbal communication), your “gut-level” reactions, thoughts and evaluations as the interview was occurring, skills used, and your Field Instructor’s comments;

Interview Analysis – A narrative of both the interview process and product. Referencing practice textbooks, describe your use of generalist practice techniques, that is, demonstrate intentional application of practice skills and knowledge. As you critically self-assess your intentional application of skills and knowledge, identify issues that are revealed for you (e.g. interviewing by seat of pants rather than intentionally using skills, overidentifying with client, redirecting interview due to reasons that were associated with countertransference or your own discomfort, and so forth) that represent areas to attend to in the future in order to professionally develop. To facilitate your competency, identify these and then list actions you can take for each item in order to address each concern.

Social Service Plan/Intervention Plan – This analysis should include a plan of action for the next interview session. If you will not have future contact with the client, you will still articulate a possible plan of action.

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