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Students will pretend to present the program to the executive committee of any local or national organization providing mental health services.  You can select any population and disorder, for example, young adults between the ages of 17 – 25 diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

Students will use the following template for submitting the written proposal.

Population Selection

Identify a target population served by any local or national organization providing mental health services. Include race, class, gender, socio-economic status, age group

Select a mental health disorder and provide an overview, including the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria

Discuss the prevalence of mental health in the specified population in comparison to the general population

Assessing the Mental Health Disorder for Services

  • Identify and explain the assessment tool you will use to identify the selected population baseline for participating in the program.  Provide a copy or link to the assessment tool.
  • Discuss what the assessment tool measures (constructs: thoughts, emotions, or behaviors)
  • Identify the admission criteria to enter the program

Note the response and or resources provided to participants who do not meet the criteria

Cultural Implications

Discuss the cultural implications of setting up the program

How will the program address the cultural implications

  • Program Goals and Interventions

Identify two goals with two interventions. Create goals that change knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors.

  • For Example:
  • Goal 1:  Educate family on accessing resources for individuals experiencing psychotic disorders
  • Intervention:  Create a video listing the steps for accessing mandated treatment

Intervention:  Identify support groups in the community for the patient and family

Program Participants Education Resources

Select two educational resources that support the chosen mental health disorder. You can develop your resources or use developed resources such as videos, books, workbooks, websites, etc.

Provide a hyperlink to the resource or attach the document to the appendix.

Describe the purpose and benefit of each resource.

  • Educational Approach
  • Select an educational approach (i.e., lecture, group discussion, role-playing, open forums, demonstrations, etc.)

Explain the benefits of the educational approach

Identify the anticipated number of participants, meeting location, frequency of meetings, and the length of the program

Program Evaluation

Select a tool for evaluating the success of the program (i.e., Questionnaire, assessment tool, pre/post participant survey)

Discuss the criteria used to determine whether the program is successful

  • Provide a copy of the evaluation form or hyperlink

In addition to the written proposal you will create a 5–7-minute video.

The content of the video can include anything about the program and implementation. ***Do not repeat or read the information from the written proposal. The video and paper must be different*** 

Below are some creative ideas for the video:

Demonstrate how to implement one of the interventions in the program (if applicable) by teaching a skill:

  • How to do yoga,  meditate, or deep breathing
  • How to create a thought record or thought-stopping log
  • How to search for resources on a website

How to fill out an application

Create an infomercial about the mental health disorder or mental health program

Interview a possible program participant

Interview a provider of the mental health program

Create a Frequently Asked Questions Video

  • The options are endless, so be creative.
  • Remember, do not read or summarize the written paper in the video
  • The video must be at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes. 

Expert Solution Preview


For this assignment, students are required to present a program to the executive committee of a local or national organization providing mental health services. They have the freedom to choose any target population and mental health disorder. In this proposal, the students will need to address various aspects including population selection, assessment tools, cultural implications, program goals and interventions, educational resources, and program evaluation. Additionally, students are also required to create a 5-7 minute video related to the program and implementation.

1. Population Selection:
For this proposal, the target population selected is young adults between the ages of 17-25 diagnosed with schizophrenia. This population encompasses individuals of diverse races, classes, genders, socio-economic statuses, and age groups.

2. Mental Health Disorder Overview:
Schizophrenia is a complex mental health disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality, including hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized thinking. The diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia are outlined in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition).

3. Prevalence of Mental Health in the Specified Population:
The prevalence of schizophrenia in young adults between the ages of 17-25 is significantly higher compared to the general population. Studies have shown that individuals in this age group are more vulnerable to the onset of schizophrenia due to neurodevelopmental changes and environmental factors.

4. Assessment Tool for Identifying Baseline and Admission Criteria:
To assess the baseline of the selected population for participating in the program, we will use the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS). This assessment tool measures the severity of positive and negative symptoms, as well as general psychopathology associated with schizophrenia. The admission criteria for the program include meeting a certain threshold score on the PANSS and having a confirmed diagnosis of schizophrenia.

If participants do not meet the admission criteria, they will be provided with appropriate resources and referrals to alternative mental health services that can better address their needs.

5. Cultural Implications:
Setting up a program for young adults with schizophrenia requires careful consideration of cultural implications. Different cultures may have unique beliefs, practices, and attitudes towards mental health. It is essential to incorporate cultural competence into the program to ensure that it is respectful, inclusive, and sensitive to the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the participants.

The program will address cultural implications through the recruitment of culturally diverse staff, providing language interpretation services, adapting educational materials to reflect various cultural contexts, and fostering an environment of respect and acceptance for all participants.

6. Program Goals and Interventions:
Goal 1: Increase medication adherence among young adults with schizophrenia
Intervention: Conduct psychoeducation sessions on the importance of medication, its side effects, and strategies for managing them

Goal 2: Improve social functioning and community integration of young adults with schizophrenia
Intervention: Organize social skills training workshops focusing on communication, problem-solving, and building positive relationships

7. Program Participants Education Resources:
Resource 1: “Living with Schizophrenia: A Guide for Young Adults”
Purpose: Provides comprehensive information on schizophrenia symptoms, treatment options, self-care strategies, and resources for managing the disorder effectively.

Resource 2: “Finding Your Way: Navigating through the Maze of Mental Health Services”
Purpose: Helps young adults with schizophrenia understand and access available mental health services and community resources.

8. Educational Approach:
Group discussion will be the chosen educational approach for this program. This approach encourages active participation, sharing of experiences, and peer support. It creates a safe and collaborative learning environment where participants can learn from each other’s perspectives and build a sense of community.

The anticipated number of participants is 15-20 individuals. The meetings will be held at a local community center twice a week for a duration of three months.

9. Program Evaluation:
For evaluating the success of the program, a pre/post participant survey will be used. This survey will capture changes in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to medication adherence, social functioning, and community integration. Additionally, clinical assessments such as the PANSS will be administered at regular intervals to measure symptom severity and improvement.

The success of the program will be determined based on significant improvements in participants’ medication adherence rates, social functioning, and community integration scores.

(Note: The answer provided is an example and should be adapted based on the specific requirements and guidelines provided for the assignment.)

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