Supply Chain Management: Honda Motor Company Case

It’s an intriguing way to produce a contract. At Honda Motor Company, during meetings with suppliers, the executives write their proposed actions and agreements on a whiteboard. When all the items have been discussed, the meeting is over. The contents of the whiteboard are then typed up and two copies are printed, the supplier and the automaker sign them, and the contract is complete. Thereafter, both sides focus on executing the plan. Honda and its suppliers thus avoid the drawn-out, querulous negotiation process that is common at other automakers, a process that can last months and even then sometimes blow up without reaching a resolution…


2. Please read Assignment Question FAQ attachment carefully before starting to write the essay

3. The business case is attached (Win win sourcing- Honda Case )

4. It is an essential requirement to review and cite 7 journal articles wherever appropriate. (20 Journal articles are as attached for choosing, please extract 7 of them to the essay paper ) 5. Citations and references are recommended to be in Harvard Style ( See Harvard Referencing Format and Guidelines)

6. The report must include an appropriate structure with section titles (see SCM assignment Question and Instruction 3rd page) 7. A brief introduction at the very beginning and an end-summary 8. Total word limit, excluding reference and contents, is around 4,500, but do not excess words beyond 5,000 9. There is also a guide for doing this assignment (A Guide for doing this assignment) 

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