Use online job listings to identify an intriguing job opening

Use online job listings to identify an intriguing job opening related to your major or on-the-job experience that you would seriously consider pursuing. You may use the same job listing that you are using to prepare your résumé and application letter.

Research the company, its competitors, its markets, and this specific position to identify three (3) questions that YOU could ask in an interview to help you decide if the job is a good fit for you and also show the interviewers that you’ve really done your homework.

Go beyond the basic and obvious questions to identify current, specific, and complex issues that only deep research can uncover. For example, is the company facing significant technical, financial, legal, or regulatory challenges that threaten its ability to grow or perhaps even survive in the long term? Or is the market evolving in a way that positions this particular company for dramatic growth?

For this discussion, list your three questions, identify how you uncovered the issues, and explain why each question is significant.