Week 4 Data Analysis Based on the data based you


Week 4 Data Analysis

Based on the data based you have created design a relational data base for the area of the company you have selected.  In other words, you will be showing how your data base will link together with at least 2 other data bases.  For example if you selected payroll you may have a tax rate database and and employee database what will link into payroll.  Upload a diagram of our design to the discussion board and comment to others on their design.

Comment to at least one other student’s analysis and if you think their conclusions seem reasonable of if you see some additional or different steps that are needed. 
Participation Requirements:
The minimum number of posts this week is a total of  2 substantive (4-5 sentences each) posts for this topic on 2 different days.  Initial post is due no later than Friday.  You must post and respond to at least one person. 
This will be an on-going discussion using various aspects of data bases and data analysis.
Graded Activity:
Click on the link above labeled “Week 3 Data Analysis Discussion” to enter the discussion boards for Week 3 and then click on the discussion topic thread to reply.

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