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Description : In assigned groups, you will complete a windshield survey of your assigned community. The objective of a windshield survey is to assess a community in a short, simple way, compiling data to help form an analysis of that community. Simply put, a windshield survey is the equivalent of a community head-to-toe assessment. There are 6 elements that should be included in your windshield survey (see Box 6-2 p. 98 in your textbook). As a group, drive through your assigned community and document your findings on the table found on the next page. Community Vitality: • Are people visible in the community? What are they doing? • Who are the people living in the neighborhood? What is their age range? What is the predominant age ( e.g., elderly, preschoolers, young mothers, or school-aged children)? • What ethnicity or race is most common? • Do you notice tourists or visitors to the community? • Do you observe any people who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol? • Do you see any pregnant women? Do you see women with strollers and young children?

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