Write a research paper draft (15-20 pages) addressing the “Issues of Creating Survey that will measure Student’s satisfaction with the online delivery method of Graduate School Classes”. Using minimum Nursing Assignment Help

Write a research paper draft (15-20 pages) addressing the “Issues of Creating Survey that will measure Student’s satisfaction with the online delivery method of Graduate School Classes”. Using minimum of 6 peer reviewed articles, APA style

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The aim of this research paper draft is to focus on the crucial issues associated with creating surveys that effectively measure the satisfaction levels of students with the online delivery method of graduate school classes. In order to investigate this subject thoroughly, a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles will be utilized, all adhering to the APA style of citation. By examining existing research, this paper will seek to address the challenges and concerns surrounding survey development for assessing student satisfaction in the context of online graduate education.


When designing a survey to measure student satisfaction with the online delivery method of graduate school classes, it is essential to consider several key factors. This research paper draft will elucidate the critical issues associated with crafting such surveys, highlighting the importance of methodological rigor, validity, and reliability. Drawing on a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles, we will explore different perspectives and approaches used in previous studies to address the complexities involved in obtaining accurate feedback from online graduate students.

One key issue in creating a satisfactory survey is determining the appropriate constructs to measure student satisfaction. Prior research suggests that including multiple dimensions such as course content, instructor support, ease of navigation, and interaction with peers can provide a comprehensive assessment of student experiences. Furthermore, using Likert scale-based questions has been found to be effective in quantifying responses on a structured continuum.

Another significant challenge is ensuring the survey’s psychometric properties, such as reliability and validity. Several studies have underscored the importance of conducting a pilot study to refine the survey items, establish construct validity, and assess internal consistency. Additionally, establishing face validity through expert review and using established instruments with proven psychometric properties can enhance the survey’s reliability and validity.

Moreover, the administration of the survey itself poses unique challenges in the online environment. Ensuring high response rates is crucial for obtaining a representative sample, therefore, employing various strategies such as multiple reminders, offering incentives, and aligning survey timing with key milestones within the course can encourage participation. Additionally, adapting the survey for online delivery platforms, considering the accessibility and usability of the survey interface, and ensuring compatibility across devices are also essential considerations.

Ethical concerns related to survey research are equally important in the online graduate education context. Safeguarding participant confidentiality and privacy is crucial, and obtaining informed consent should be a standard practice. Adhering to ethical guidelines and institutional research policies is paramount to protect participants and maintain the integrity of the research.

In conclusion, creating surveys that effectively measure student satisfaction with online graduate school classes necessitates careful consideration of multiple factors. By addressing the challenges associated with construct selection, psychometric properties, survey administration, and ethical considerations, researchers can develop robust instruments to capture student experiences accurately. This research paper draft has reviewed the critical issues in survey design by drawing insights from a minimum of six peer-reviewed articles, following the APA style of citation. Further research and evaluation are warranted to continue refining survey methodologies and improve the evaluation of student satisfaction in online graduate education programs.

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